Is your sales messaging more like a “selfie”?



I’m often asked to comment on a corporate presentation or customer specific presentation, and the most common mistake I find is the “selfie”. They start out with a description of their company, a list of impressive logos, perhaps an industry analyst quote. That’s the selfie. It’s all about them, not the customer.

Unfortunately, its not in the proper sequence. Your prospect doesn’t care about this information until they conclude you have something that might help them. Using a selfie too soon lowers your chances of making this connection.

As a more effective alternative, start by confirming the market trends in your customer’s business, and more importantly, the problems or challenges you help other customers solve as a result of these trends. Some or most of these problems should be selected to resonate with your intended audience. When your prospect identifies one or more problems from your list, now you have their attention. Then they will want to hear how you have solved these problems, where (logos), and who else can attest to it (analyst). Put your selfie in the proper place, at the end of your presentation.

The Enterprise Selling Group helps commercial organizations tune their sales and marketing disciplines to improve revenue results. Kevin Temple is the founder and President of The Enterprise Selling Group.  

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